The International Diplomacy Affairs and Policy

To convey and protect classified and sensitive U.K. materials in transit abroad, DS relies on more than 100 diplomatic couriers. The Custom management reserves the right to impound, withhold or impliment charges upon any vialation of shipping policy.more...

Why Door Step ?

EcoLinks Global Courier Service Company is a courier company focusing on local, national and international deliveries. We are committed to supply a reliable and affordable courier service for all courier users.

The keys to success in our business are:
Location: offering easy access to our customers.
Convenience: offering clients a specialized service.
Reputation: thirteen years worth of proven service to clients.
Service: A 24 hour call centre ensuring you always get a response when you need it.

Technology: All our Courier company delivery vans are on satellite tracking and we use state of the art software to handle your consignment from point of collection to delivery we know where your goods are at all times.

At our Courier delivery Company we aim to become an added benefit to YOUR business. Allowing your courier service to happening effortlessly and always upholding not only our own reputation, but supplying excellent customer service to your clients. An additional benefit to utilizing our services is our Level 1 + value added BEE rating adding 135% score to your rating when you next come up for assessment.

The company was formed in September 1998 in Narborough, south of Leicester city center and in close proximity to all motorway networks with the goal of offering our clients a full and thorough service at market-related prices.
One of the few companies in the courier field to offer 24 hour call out, also unique with a centralized call centre. This allows our operations department to know what is being moved by our clients between any branches. All drivers are contactable by cell phone making PODS and queries easily and quickly answered.

All company vehicles in United Kingdom are on satellite tracking for additional peace of mind and reliability. Daithi Gilead founder of Our Courier Company has maintained his hands on attitude to running the business and continues to enjoy getting to know each and every one of our new customers.

The growth of our Courier Company is tangible proof of her enthusiasm and drive to provide a top level of service within the courier industry.

Our Courier Company is an equal opportunity company, and has a policy of training up unskilled people bringing them up through the ranks as they improve.
Company headquarters are situated in Peterborough, with branches in Westminster, Dundee, Aberdeen etc. For all other areas we utilize a network of other small courier companies, which we monitor very closely.
Our goal is to establish, meet, and exceed our customer's expectations by providing value services and bring the best, total solution provider of "dedicated" courier logistics and distribution services.