The International Diplomacy Affairs and Policy

To convey and protect classified and sensitive U.S. materials in transit abroad, DS relies on more than 100 diplomatic couriers. The Custom management reserves the right to impound, withhold or impliment charges upon any vialation of shipping policy.more...

Who we are

EcoLinks Global Courier Service Company is a privately held provider of courier, shippment, logistic and distribution services of parkages with network coverage in Europe, Africa, Asian and America.

United kingdom. Our Courier Company is operated by highly competent and passionate team that have extensive distribution and logistic experience.

Being known for professional shipment of goods, services and valuable instruments/commodities of high financial values. With our highly trained diplomat/dispatch officers, we apply confidentiality in our day-to-day operations for security reasons and also for the protection of our client's interest.

Our Courier Company takes pride in providing cost-effective Courier shippment and distribution solutions and greater pride in satisfying our customers. We invite you to experience our mode of operation and you will discover the reason why many customers have grown to depend on us !

Our goal is to establish, meet, and exceed our customer`s expectations by providing value-added services and bring the best, total solution provider of "dedicated" courier logistics and distribution services..